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Base helps teams of assistants easily collaborate and provide consistent and shared support.

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Base is a platform for your team of assistants

Standardize Winning Processes

Create and use templates that can be used and shared across your team. We offer templates for any type of email or update that's sent repetitively. View our templates here.

Shared Workspaces = Saved Time

Team managers can easily access the information they need, and team members save time in recapping the work they're performing.

Collaboration Made Easy

Base for teams offers shared workspace support so events like vacation, leave, and transitions can occur seamlessly. 

A dedicated hub for deadlines

Base Decision Stream places decisions executives need to make into a single feed. View these to-do’s across your entire team, plus gain insights into open and complete tasks with our task tool.

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Accessible work history

View your team’s Digest history to executives they support for insight into frequency and level of detail. Use this insight to standardize winning processes, as well as identify areas for enhancement.

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Assistants' hub for coaching, training, and true team collaboration

Team managers can look at workspaces before a 1:1, then use information for coaching conversations with team members, or even for training opportunities for the whole team. 

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View the templates available to your team

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Assistants win with Base
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Leah Pallant

EA to CEO at 33Vincent

"Having a Digest template saves me formatting time every time I start a new one, and I cannot say enough about how AMAZING it is to pull calendar events directly into the body of the email...Let me gush about the minutes and hours saved because hyperlinks and attachments within calendar holds still work when you pull them to your digest! Amazing!"

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Nicola Clarke

EA to CEO at Uniting.VicTas

“During the COVID-19 pandemic we have gone from working in an office together to working completely remotely... Base Digest has been an essential tool for making the transition to remote support possible. And because we had this system in place our support to our CEO was able to continue seamlessly. This would have been impossible with our old system.”

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Amanda Lennon

EA, Simon Equity

"I [use] Digest to make sure that the most important information for his day is all in one place, including passwords for video meetings that otherwise might be lost in the depths of the meeting description."

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On Base Digest

"[I] have several tools [for] project management, scheduling, email, and communication. Each works well, but they don't all necessarily coordinate seamlessly...That's where Base has come in very handy. I put together a weekly Digest that helps my client (and me) have one place to look at the week ahead."

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Assistant puts 4+ hours back into their work week with Base Digest 

EA Leah Pallant began using Base’s Digest feature, which creates beautiful executive updates in minutes, giving EAs time back to focus on more strategic work. Learn More.

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See the ROI Base provides to clients and executives, and use it to bring on more clients. View.

Base Digest helps CEO & her EA consolidate 6 tools into 1

Even if you're already working virtually, COVID has made even VAs adjust to a new remote work life. See how this assistant adjusted successfully

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Resources to help you define goals in your role, and how to execute and measure your success, starting with a 5-Step Goal Setting Method. Learn More.

Go-to guide: How to succeed while working virtually

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