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Digest Templates for Assistants

From daily and weekly digests to travel templates, we've helped put 4+ hours back into assistants' work weeks.

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Digest templates available with Base

Base users can also create their own custom templates.


Daily Digest 

The goal of a 'daily digest' is to provide a central location to review the shared needs and workflows between you and your executive. This template will help you give them the quick info they need to be as productive as possible in their day.

Recommended For: Busy Executives who have their days packed with meetings and action items in advance


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Inbox Round-Up

Does your executive receive important emails everyday that they aren't able to get back to on time? The Inbox Roundup template helps you create a 'distraction-free' summary of emails they need to pay attention to immediately or later in the week. 

Recommended For: Executive who regularly miss out on time-sensitive emails or who depend on you to draft replies to such emails.


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End Of Day Recap

The 'End of Day Recap' helps you close the day with your Executive. It is similar to the 'Daily Digest' but the focus of this template is to provide a status update and the fish out any last-minute requests that may come up in advance. 

Recommended For: Executive who have a hard time 'Shutting off' and end up reaching out to you after business hours with emergency requests.


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Weekly Recap

The 'Weeky Recap' digest helps you and your executive get 'synced' on the meetings, tasks and priorities ahead. The weekly recap template will help you share meeting and task information in advanced and help you save time on your 1-on-1 meetings.

Recommended For: Executives who have meetings and projects scheduled way ahead of time. Weekly Recaps help them get laser-focused on the week ahead. 


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Recurring Meeting Template

If your Executive has recurring meetings for example, 1-on-1 meetings, monthly board meetings, weekly team meetings this template will help you share the agenda, important information, and link documents relevant to the meeting. 

Recommended For: Executives who have recurring meetings that require pre-preparation. 


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Travel Itinerary

The 'Travel Itinerary' template is helpful in creating effective travel itineraries—it has all the information you need to get started.

Recommended For: Executives who have recurring meetings that require pre-preparation. 


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