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Base offers a suite of tools built just for assistants and how they work.

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A Tool Created For How You Work

Dedicated Client Digests

Assistants who have a regular digest cadence are happier, more effective, and less stressed (2020 Assistant Survey). Base Digest offers templates and a source of truth for clients.

Streamlined Q&A

Base's Decision Stream feature takes questions, updates (and random items that pop up) from Slack, email, calendars, -wherever you communicate - and creates a single Q&A stream to push to clients.

Client Info Stored in 1 Location

Base's Dossier tool organizes preferences, habits, key contacts, software, and more in a secure, dedicated hub, instead of in a Word or Google Document.

Coordinate all of the tools you work in

Base doesn't interrupt your current workflow, it enhances it. As an assistant, you're working in several tools daily for project management, email, scheduling, communication. Base consolidates everything from each so you have a central database to reference.

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Don’t wait for your 1:1 to get the answers you need

Base Digest creates client updates in minutes, giving assistants time back to into their day. Add meeting notes, files, attachments and more, so your executive has everything they need ahead of time. That way you're spending your meeting time on actionable next steps, not playing catch up.

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Avoid unnecessary text threads and emails

"Base's Decision Stream has streamlined Q&A—instead of having multiple emails or text messages with questions that need a simple answer, I can combine them into a Base Decision Stream and have all the questions and answers in one place. It also is much easier for my client to respond via the Base link."

—Base User

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Assistants Win With Base

Base User

On Base Digest

“[My current client] and I know that if things get hectic and we can't meet one-on-one to do that, the weekly Base Digest will cover it for us.


Base User

On Base Dossier

"I did use a Word document to keep track of dossier information about clients, and now I handle all of that in Base, which is much easier.


Virtual Assistant Base User

On Base Digest

"We still use [our daily tools]: Gmail, Google Calendar, Trello and Slack. The difference is that Base allows us to combine many of the activities in each of those apps into a single location for a dashboard view of what we have going on."


Virtual Assistant Base User

On Base Digest

"My client and I have several tools that we use for project management, scheduling, email, and communication. Each works well, but they don't all necessarily coordinate seamlessly. Having the ability to take a snapshot overview of [everything] is always a struggle. That's where Base comes in very handy. I put together a weekly [Digest] that helps us have [one place] to look at the week ahead."

See How Base Helps 1,000s of Assistants

Assistant puts 4+ hours back into their work week with Base Digest 

EA Leah Pallant began using Base’s Digest feature, which creates beautiful executive updates in minutes, giving EAs time back to focus on more strategic work. Learn More.

Base for Executives: Use Base to gain more clients

See the ROI Base provides to clients and executives, and use it to bring on more clients. View.

Base Digest helps CEO & her EA consolidate 6 tools into 1

Even if you're already working virtually, COVID has made even VAs adjust to a new remote work life. See how this assistant adjusted successfully

Goal-Setting for VAs Hub: Get Started Today

Resources to help you define goals in your role, and how to execute and measure your success, starting with a 5-Step Goal Setting Method. Learn More.

Go-to Guide: How to be a Virtual Assistant

Tips, tools, and everything you need to know to be a GREAT virtual assistant. Download.

Base Resource Hub

Dedicated hub for assistants with tools, guides, and more to excel in your role. Visit.

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