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Get trained on OKRs: Objectives & Key Results
This summit is all about aligning to company and leadership goals.

📊Defining OKRs:
Objectives and Key Results

Learn what role Executive Assistants can play in a company's OKR process, which responsibilities to own, and why this matters in future-proofing the EA role.

💡Breaking down business goals to YOUR goals

Learn how to set up goals so you can advocate for what you need, while also helping the business succeed.

💻OKRs from the executive's perspective

Understanding the importance of OKRs/goals to leadership's success and an EA's crucial influence.

Speakers & Agenda

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Olivia Kowalski

Executive Assistant to the CFO at GetYourGuide
Olivia is an EA professional with a decade of experience in C-level support. Olivia started to explore the Berlin startup scene in the late 2012, when she joined a small tech company called motain (NKA: Onefootball) that launched one of the first 1000 apps globally in the App Store. After the first US VCs invested, the company scaled from 14 to 200 employees within a short period of time.
During this hypergrowth, Olivia quickly moved from Office Management to the full Assistant to the CEO role. One of Olivia's accomplishments at Onefootball was implementing a scalable process for travel management and setting up a travel policy for the entire business.

Later on in her career she transitioned to a healthcare startup where she worked simultaneously with all 7 C-level Executives focusing mainly on Finance and Operations with the CFO. Connect with Olivia on LinkedIn.
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Tim Whitmire

Founder, CXN Advisory
Tim Whitmire is the founder of CXN Advisory, where he collaborates with organizations at all growth stages through executive coaching, strategic advisory and OKR consulting services.
Whitmire worked as a journalist and in middle-market financial services before launching CXN. He is co-founder of the F3 Nation men's workout movement and author, with David Redding, of Freed to Lead: F3 and the Unshackling of the Modern-day Warrior. Connect with Tim on LinkedIn.

Mallory Greer

Customer Success Manager, Base

Mallory Greer is a Customer Success Manager at Base. After graduating from Wofford College, Mallory spent 10 years at Blackbaud, a global leader in software and services for nonprofit organizations, in roles ranging from Support to Renewals and Customer Success. After having her first child, she decided to move away from the corporate world and spent two years as an Executive Assistant at 33Vincent.

Having been an assistant, Mallory knows the role and workflow intimately. She's passionate about connecting with others in the space and helping streamlining inputs and enhancing productivity. Connect with Mallory at!

Registration & Agenda

All sessions are in EST.

10:30am ET: OKR Overview and Discussion
Hosted by Olivia Kowalski
Overview of OKRs and where to start/how to plug in to existing processes.

11:30am ET:OKRs From an Executive/Company's Perspective
Hosted by Tim Whitmire
Understand the significance of the OKR process as it relates to the leaders you support and their impact on the business.

12:30pm ET: BREAK and GIVEAWAYS!

1:00pm ET: Apply What You've Learned Using Base
Hosted by Mallory Greer
1,000s of assistants use Base to help manage the critical tasks and projects aligned to OKRs. This session will show you how you start doing this today using the first-ever platform built for assistants, including templates you can start using today.

Get access to recordings + OKR resources.

Prep for the OKR Summit

Want to get an overview of OKRs before the summit? Watch this previous Base Live event where Base CEO and Co-Founder Paige McPheely and CXN Advisory Founder Tim Whitmire walk through the OKR process. Have a question? Get in touch with us at

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