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Virtual Assistant


"Instead of having multiple emails or text messages with questions that need a simple answer, I can combine them into a Base Decision Stream and have all the questions and answers in one place."

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Virtual Assistant


"[Decision Stream] keeps all of [my executive's] projects in one place...and I can refer back to the list each week to see what hasn’t been followed up on to draw his attention back to those tasks again until he answers."

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Leah Pallant

EA to CEO at 33Vincent

"Committing to communicating almost exclusively though Decision Stream for questions has been amazing for me on the back end because I have all my answers organized in one place, should I ever need them again."

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Leah Pallant

EA to CEO at 33Vincent

As we work virtually, we don’t have any opportunity to ‘pop in’ and ask a casual question. We communicate through about 10 different formats, from tags and notes I leave in [my executive’s] inbox to direct texts for the most urgent, time sensitive asks… I’ve spent plenty of time trying to remember where answers live. Decision Stream has been a big game changer.

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