Tips, tools, and everything you need to know to be a GREAT virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client's office and typically operates from home. Download this guide to learn what skills you need and expectations of the role.

In this guide:

  • The roles and responsibilities of a virtual assistant
  • What makes a virtual assistant great
  • Skills needed
  • Tools and tips for beginners


Learn more about Base and BELAY


About Base: The first ever software built specifically for executive assistants

Base supports the core responsibilities of an EA while accommodating the unique work style of executives. Within Base, assistants are handed the tools of elite EAs: clear and relevant updates through digests customized to your exec, the simplest way to get your revolving list of questions answered, comprehensive preference and critical information storage, and streamlined reporting that removes the hours spent creating reports down to minutes.


About BELAY: Virtual Assistants | Virtual Bookkeepers | Website Specialists

We are a motley crew of impossibly talented, endlessly passionate, and uncomfortably generous eclectic souls, all united by one common denominator: We live to serve. We don’t mean that in a lip service, shake-hands-and-kiss-babies kind of way; we mean that we all share a servant’s heart. And that’s precisely how we all scored this seriously sweet gig despite the odds.

BELAY was founded on this simple idea: there aren’t just two options for work. We believe there’s another way – what we call The Third Option. This option allows you to work from home (so you have far more opportunities to get work you love) while choosing how much you work. Whether you’re a Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeper, or Web Specialist, we have clients right now who need the expertise and insight you bring to the table. And because you’re remote, you can bring your knowledge from the kitchen table.


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