Easy, Effortless Task Management

Store relevant emails, messages, and subtasks within your to-dos, because getting work done is hard — but it’s even harder without context.

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  • Bullets are great
  • For spelling out benefits and
  • Turning visitors into leads.

From overwhelmed to in control

Streamline workflows

Send Inbox items into Tasks so you always have a clear picture of everything on your plate.

Filter and search

When the volume of tasks feels out of hand, you can easily drill down to find what you need.

Prioritize easily

Organize tasks with color-coded priority levels from low to high, so you know what to tackle first.


Keep all your work together

No more jumping from your email to Slack to your task manager just to keep everything straight. Tasks integrates with all other Base features, so you can see answered questions from Decision Stream, messages from Inbox, notes from Dossier, attachments, activity, and more.


Connected with the tools you already use

Link with the business tools you and your team rely on every day, so Base can become your central, organized hub for getting work done.

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"Before using Base, my workday was pretty chaotic. Lots of slacks with our CEO, lots of email threads within threads, tracking down things that he'd sent me, I sent him. It's just really blown my mind on how much time I get back in my day and how much more efficiently I'm able to communicate."


Nikki Morales

Lead Executive Assistant @ Terminus

A workspace for the modern assistant

Base maximizes assistants’ strategic advantage by connecting communication, scheduling, and organization tools in one unified platform. 6,000+ assistants use Base to work faster, smarter, and get noticed.

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