WEBINAR: How to Take Charge of Your Career and Make It Your Own

with Llewellyn Gravely, Lead EABP to the Global Head of Uber for Business


There is no one-size-fits-all career path for EAs

Every assistant role is unique, impacted by the leader you support, your unique skill set, and the relationship you build together.

What this means: the EA role is rife with opportunity. With no set path in place, assistants are in a unique position to disrupt the system and bring their own magic to their job description — and beyond.

In this webinar, Llewellyn Gravely, Lead EABP to the Global Head of Uber for Business, shared how ze turned zis passion for diversity and inclusion into becoming a change agent on a global scale for Uber — advising HR partners on talent searches, training hiring managers, and pushing changes organizationally to eliminate bias in the workplace.

Llewellyn sharing zis best tips and insights for how you can:

  • Find success without homogenizing yourself in a corporate setting
  • Blaze a new trail and take control of your career growth authentically
  • Have vulnerable conversations with your executive about your career

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