We help leaders reimagine their most trusted, closest resource. 

Everyone on your team has a dedicated platform - except your assistant. Gift them Base today.

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Our current environment presents an opportunity to be even more productive without the constructs of the way work used to be done.

With Base, assistants have access to the tools they need to spend their time on scaling high-velocity growth for your business, allowing you to benefit and see measurable results from downstream leverage. 

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Gift your assistant a platform of their own.

You don't have to change a thing about your workflow. Base meets you where you are.

Base is built for your assistant so they can support you in the most impactful way. You're on the receiving end of Base - no new technology to learn on your side.
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Base helps assistants align to your goals / OKRs.

We've built best practices into the foundation of Base that help assistants align to what matters most you and your business. We know assistants provide the best support when they're aligned with your goals and support this through templates structured for your success.

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Use Case: Success through OKR alignment

Assistants who use Base in this way future-proof their role by aligning their efforts to company revenue. In one use case, an EA influenced 12% of their organization’s annual conference revenue target.

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Ensure Continuity

Your assistant knows your preferences, habits, travel data, important contacts, and more. But what happens when they're out of the office? Dossier ensures that your information is stored in one central, secure location and accessible to the right resources.

Communicate Key Decisions

The days of answering scattered questions across email, Slack, and text messages are long gone. Decision Stream helps your assistant streamline important questions into one link for you to answer on the go.

One-Shot View Of The Day

Digest is a beautifully formatted daily/weekly briefing with all of your key action items, meetings, inbox overview, and more. These updates sent from your assistant help you eliminate processing time and start the day focused.

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Executives Win With Base

Casey Putschoegl, CEO & Co-Founder of 33Vincent

Starts her day out of her inbox and on initiatives moving the business forward.

"I love getting a one-shot view of my day and what inputs and outputs I need to prioritize for the day. It eliminates a lot of processing time for me, and it helps me start my day focused."

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Bronwyn Pike, CEO, Uniting Vic.Tas

Never rushed and always prepared with her Base Digest.

[What I find most valuable is] having the Daily Digest as the one source of information about the day’s schedule. This means I’m less rushed scrolling through emails to find the papers for a meeting. Digest is used frequently during the day and then referred back to often. They never get deleted!”

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Kimberly Osagie, Partner, Promise54

Able to take time off without worrying if critical items will fall through the cracks.

"[Digest] is the most helpful thing I've ever experienced in my professional life.

  • Incredibly clear 'read me first' that's floating in my inbox.
  • Detailed walkthrough of how to navigate my inbox upon my return, with the intentional parsing out of urgent vs action.

Thank you, immensely. I exhaled audibly when I saw this - a feeling I've not ever felt upon return from PTO. Ever."

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