Making Equity Work, In Practice

Making your own workplaces more diverse, equitable, and inclusive into reality.

This workshop was on April 28, 2021.

Making Equity Work, In Practice

Join us for this 90 minute session led by Alli Myatt, Co-founder of the equity practice to learn how to create and implement an actionable diversity and inclusion strategy at your organizations.

Who this is for: Leadership in organizations (managers, directors, c-suite, or any leadership role.)

In this session: You will receive tools and support to ensure your strategy moves your company beyond conversations about race to actions that support racial equity.

By the end of this session: You'll have a roadmap for turning your vision for making your own workplaces more diverse, equitable, and inclusive into reality.

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Speakers & Agenda

Learn more about the equity practice here.

courtney tungate

Courtney Tungate (she/her/hers)

Co-Founder, the equity practice

Courtney co-founded the equity practice to provide equity-based consulting so that organizations are equipped to live out their commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizational policies and talent practices. Connect with her on LinkedIn!


Alli Myatt (she/her/we/us/our)

Co-Founder, the equity practice
Alli is extremely passionate about education, equity, and racial justice and would like to use her strategic, analytic, and relationship building skills to work with co-conspirators ready to disrupt power and change the world. As co-founder of the equity practice, she helps support organizations and companies who are doing the work to understand the role that culture and race play at work, who are ready to move beyond conversations to actions to make their work places more equitable and inclusive. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

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